28 Functional And Beautiful Ways To Decorate With Contact Paper

1. Make Labels for Jars out of Chalkboard Contact Paper

2. Transform an IKEA Bookshelf

Jonathan Lo used inexpensive contact paper from Home Depot to give an IKEA bookshelf a much more high-end Danish modern look.

4. Decorate Panels of a Window Seat or Room Divider

Here are a couple of other ways to customize your IKEA furniture and make it look way more expensive.

5. Use Chalkboard Contact Paper as a Memo Board for the Fridge

6. Or Line the Inside of Pantry Doors

7. Make a Chalkboard Table Runner to Label Dishes at a Party

8. Make a Wood-Grain Laptop Wrap

Get the directions here.

9. Make a New Kitchen Backsplash with Patterned Contact Paper

This is a nice temporary solution for a rental with a kitchen you aren’t too happy about.

10. Create Wall Organization out of Cardboard Tubes

Cover the cardboard tubes with wood grain contact paper. You could also use coffee canisters.

11. Invest in a Cricut Machine

The Cricut is a portable cutting machine that cuts letters, shapes, and phrases at the touch of a button. They range from $120-200. You can see more ideas on using a Cricut machine with contact paper here.

You can make stuff like this with your Cricut…

12. Make a Stencil out of Contact Paper for Screen Printing

Get the full tutorial here.

13. Create a Chevron Wall

Get the full tutorial here.

14. Create Window Films with Contact Paper and Paint Pens

15. Frost a Window

Get the tutorial here.

16. Create an Eye-Catching Credenza

See the tutorial here.

17. Decorate the Front of a Dresser

18. Make Wood Grain Magnet Frames

21. Line the Inside of a Bookshelf

22. Or the Back of a Bookshelf

23. Use Chalkboard Contact Paper as Temporary Birthday Party Decorations

25. Cover Old Vinyl Records and Make a Room Divider

Get more info over at Apartment Therapy.

26. Create New Wall Art out of Contact Paper Cutouts

27. Make Cupcake Wrappers

28. Create a Geometric Table Top with Contact Paper and Plexiglass

Get the tutorial here.

Cute Resources for Contact Paper:

Toile contact paper, $7.95 for a roll of 18in x 9ft from Amazon.

Chic Shelf Paper is a good resource for contact paper. Costs between $2.50-5.75 per square foot.

I love this triangle patterned paper from Chic Shelf Paper.

Home Depot carries wood grain contact paper. This light oak contact paper costs $17.95 for a 18in x 75ft roll.

Etsy can be a good resource. This seller has vintage-inspired contact paper in damask and geometric patterns.

Holographic glitter contact paper! $90 for an 18 in x 49.5ft roll. Available from Designyourwall.com

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/peggy/28-functional-and-beautiful-ways-to-decorate-with