Military Tattoos for Memorial Day

military tattoo shoulders

The U.S. is observing Memorial Day holiday this weekend. It’s a time to remember fallen soldiers, as well as to recognize the men and women who are serving today. People get military tattoos for a variety of reasons such as to permanently ink and display the bonds they’ve formed with their military brothers and sisters, or to remember a loved one lost in battle. Regardless of your political views or where you live, all our soldiers from around the world deserve our respect and gratitude for serving to protect what they believe in, and for carrying out peace keeping and humanitarian missions as well. Soldiers are often the first on the scene after major natural disasters working alongside the Red Cross and other humanitarian organizations to deliver supplies and medical attention to those in need. Please take a moment to reflect on the service and sacrifice of all who have come before us, and enjoy these military themed tattoo images.

military tattoo POW

Military Tattoo1

military tattoo6

military Tattoo full back

Military Tattoo2

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