Sun is Setting on our Summer Tattoos

Aloha Tattoo Design

The end of summer is coming too fast! We’ve had such great feedback on our summer tattoo design issues that we just had to close out the season with one more spread. If you’re still thinking of getting a tattoo this summer, it’s not too late and we hope these tattoo design ideas will spark some creativity and inspire new designs for your body art. So here’s to all the warm sandy beaches, summer sunsets, big surf, and of course the ocean creatures that make up our tattoo gallery and keep our minds on summer fun. There’s even a mermaid tattoo here for you. Enjoy!

Wings Tattoo on Beach

Tribal Beach Tattoo

Dragonfly Tatttoo on Beach

Butterfly Tattoo Across Shoulders

Electric Guitar Tattoo on Beach

Surf Sleeve Tattoo

Sunset Sleeve Tattoo

Sunset Shoulder Tattoo

Mermaid Tattoo Full Back

Ladies Tattoos on Beach