Tattoo Contest for Musicians

Brian Young2

Musicians and tattoos seem to go together like bread and butter. And if you observe concert goers these days it’s harder to find a music enthusiast without a tattoo than it is to find someone with ink somewhere like on the back of their neck, or full tattoo sleeve, or subtle ankle tattoo. Now Noisy Planet is running the first tattoo contest of its kind specifically for musicians. Anyone related to the the music industry who has body art is welcome to enter including producers, promoters, band managers, studio owners, record execs and of course musicians and songwriters. Hell, even music attorneys can enter the tattoo contest but please control yourself — try not to sue anyone if you don’t win. Our friends at Noisy Planet have shared a few of the top entries so far. Please enjoy these musician tattoo pics and feel free to submit your own by emailing your tat photos to tattoos at NoisyPlanet dot net.

Elana Harte2


Casey BarnesW

Damier Legato2

Jonnie BakerW

Mark DelmedicoW

Michael Mills2

Mikala Taylor